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Our Targets

  • Help other People :- You have a responsibility to care for other people, to help those less fortunate than you. When you have some spare cash, time or goods, it is an opportunity to help out.
  •  Make a Difference :- You are making a statement that your life was worth while because you made a contribution to society.
  •  Feel Good :- Giving to others improves your self –esteem, self confidence and self – worth. This advantage flows into all areas of your life so you will find that you are more confident at work and in social situations.
  •  Meet New People :- Donations to charity give you the opportunity to meet new people and expand your circle of acquaintances.
  •  Support a Cause You Need It :- This is the opportunity to do some charity work for your self as a road user.

You are victim of every days battle on road.

You want to go fast
You want to be safe on road
You hate too much traffic
You want others to follow the rules
You love your state
You don’t want any blood on road
You have courage to support
Come forward and Join our Cause.