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  • LIFE ON ROADS is the first organization that has taken an initiative to enforce a change in both civil and Government mentality towards road safety. Our mission is to bring about the change in typical road users, to make life safer on the roads.  We believe that educating people about importance of following road safety rules will make roads safer. We also believe it is a desperate requirement in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

    Our goal is to overcome all obstacles and fulfill the task to make our society road friendly.  We have both short term as well as the long term goals.  In our current plans we work to achieve success in the following:

    1.            Implementation and practice of road safety regulation by traffic controlling enforcement.

    2.            Educate all road users, about the road safety rules by workshops and seminars.

    3.            Compulsory use of fastening seatbelts, and crash Helmets by all drivers, riders and passenger.

    4.            Evoking a law against triple riders on two-wheelers.

    5.            Safe pedestrian zebra-crossings.

    6.            Child passenger safety.

    7.            School kids road safety.

    8.            Counseling stunt bikers, about the safety regulations.

    9.            Regulations against use of cellphones while driving.

    10.          Educate people about giving right-of-way to ambulances and essential life support services.