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Thank you for visiting our website, Life on roads is a not –for-profit and a non-governmental organization. The state of Jammu and Kashmir has a population of 1.25 Crores, as per census 2011. The State is split into three major regions namely, Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh, covering geographical area of 2.2 Lac square kilometers.   With increasing demand for the road safety awareness worldwide, the UN General Assembly in 2011 announced the Decade of Action for Road Safety for 2011–2020 in reaction to the continuous rise of road-related injuries and fatalities around the world. A study predicted that road accidents would become the sixth largest cause of death in the world by 2020.  The number of disability-adjusted life and fatal injuries caused by road accidents was predicted to increase from 13 Lac to more than 19 Lac by 2020. The Commission for Global Road Safety declared the urgent priority is to stop this horrifying and avoidable rise in road injuries. ‘The world could prevent 5 million deaths and 50 million serious injuries by 2020 by dramatically scaling up investment in road safety, at global, regional and national levels.

With the continuously growing demand, about 14 Lac numbers of vehicles are already registered with J&K Department of Motor vehicles.  The majority of the inter-state roads were built for the use of horse carts and carriages, which was the main means of commute, back in the olden days; very little improvements have been made to roads to accommodate the currently growing demand of motor vehicles.  The roads are poorly maintained and poorly constructed not fulfilling engineering requirements of the safe road design.   Almost everywhere in J&K, roads are built without the concern for the safety of the pedestrians, sidewalks are almost in non-existence.  People walk in and out though the traffic on roads risking their lives.  Zebra crossing lines are rarely seen on roads, people cross roads at any section as they please.  Bus stops and traffic lights are often abused. Public transport system is being poorly managed.  Most roads are small and are two-way traffic.  There are no proper road signs, no speed limit signs instead there are too many speed breakers.   Educated or illiterate, no one seems to follow the road safety rules.  The traffic police department seems to have an inadequate strength in number on the road.  Out of some 300 appointed traffic control enforcement, non- seems to have had an appropriate training on how to manage traffic with accordance of road safety rules.  A day in a city on the road is an absolute chaos.

We, Life on Roads, as an organization understand the enormity of this situation, but we are dedicated and will turn every stone to make it possible.  Our endeavor thus far has only encouraged us, we have achieved more than 30% increased rate of fastening seatbelts and use of crash Helmets, since last year, in the valley; which we think is quite remarkable considering the fact that seatbelts/Helmets were not given an importance before.