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Life On Roads

Life on roads is a not –for-profit and a non-governmental organization, we work to ensure safety on the roads by introducing road safety programs to raise awareness about the safety requirements for all road users.  It’s the people who can make the roads safe; it is our attitudes and behavior on the roads that we will have to modify.  The more we learn about the road and traffic rules and regulations, the easier it would be to abide by them. More we follow the rules of Roads more it will be safer for all of us. Secure roads will lead us to Secure Life by following the Secure rules… LIFE ON ROADS 🙂


Help in achieving valuable social goals smooth traffic, Bank account no.50200007352840 HDFC Bank MS mall residency Road srinagar kashmir.

Why Road Safety

Road Safety India is a global leader of deaths in road accidents, according to the ministry of road transport and highways. Every 1 minute there is a ro

LOR Plans

Plans Traffic planning and management - smooth, safer & faster movement of traffic. Civilized roads users – to generate awareness about road s

Accidents Causes

Accident Causes LIFE ON ROADS is the first organization that has taken an initiative to enforce a change in both civil and Government mentality towards road saf

Our Target

Our Target Traffic planning and management - smooth, safer & faster movement of traffic. Civilized roads users – to generate awareness about road s


  • To reach out to Govt. ,Media, corporate and community to solicit their support to prevent colossal waste of human life on roads as Kashmir holds the good spot of road crash fatalities.
  • To work as a pressure group to create political will and help improve road safety situation.
  • Sensitize masses by raising awareness about road traffic injuries their grave consequences and thus build community involvement around the issues of road safety.
  • Develop cost effective road safety programs to increase knowledge, awareness and skills amongst the road users.


  •  Spend your free time constructively.
  •  Get a chance to share your skills and teach others what you are best at.
  •  Learn how a professional organization works.
  •  Achieve professional satisfaction


  •  For new drivers / License holder only
  •  8-hour training - 4 hours theory, 4 hours practical.
  •  Practice session are held on Trainees own car.

Why Support Us

  • Help other People :- You have a responsibility to care for other people, to help those less fortunate than you. When you have some spare cash, time or goods, it is an opportunity to help out.
  •  Make a Difference :- You are making a statement that your life was wo

Driver’s Responsibility:

  • Pedestrian are not just “traffic” they are people. They are unpredictable, faster they are likely to move or change direction. Those with children, the elderly, the blind and the disabled all need your care.
  •  As a driver you have the legal and moral responsibility to take proper care to avoid accidents with pedestrians